UMBRIALAND undertakes to enter the site only products actually available. If the products were not currently in stock or if the manufacturer could not guarantee delivery on time, UMBRIALAND indicate the non-availability of the product. 
The dispatch of the order by the Customer constitutes acceptance of even a partial delivery of the products available from those ordered and how to apply for a waiver under such compensation and / or compensation. 
UMBRIALAND will also, by law, inform the customer of a sudden non-availability of the product ordered, to agree the continuation of the order or its amendment with similar products. 
If you are interested in a product currently not available, please send an e-mail, so that UMBRIALAND can provide more precise information. 

Products with variable weights 
In the case of a purchase of a variable weight products you can check a difference between the quantity ordered and delivered. 
The actual weight is determined at the time of preparation of the product and can vary up to +/- 8% compared to the weight indicated in the order.

RECESS (L.D. 22/05/99 nr.185)

UMBRIALAND ensure that products delivered will be equal to those shown and described on the site and compliance with all rules regarding the storage of goods until delivery at the place specified in the order. For all products sold that is the responsibility of the producer. Manufacturer is also responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information given on the packaging in the case of packaged goods. The images on this site are provided to the Client to facilitate the recognition of the products, due to changes in packaging by the manufacturer, the photos might not exactly reflect the appearance of the product delivered.

As required by current rules, customers enjoy the UMBRIALAND money back guarantee with the ability to return products purchased within 10 days of receipt, except if they are products which by their nature can not be returned.


Ways to request a refund

The customer must send a letter or an e-mail to UMBRIALAND within 10 days of receipt of the goods. In this communication you will have to indicate the product or products for which it intends to exercise the right of withdrawal. UMBRIALAND will, at their own expense, the withdrawal of the product in question in the manner and terms to be agreed with the customer, unless your desire not to return to the above.
The goods will be refunded within 30 days of receipt of the notice by the customer.

For any communication regarding a complaint the client may use the e-mail: info@umbrialand.it