UmbriaLand is a company that for years has been specialized in finding those small artisan producers who still make products of high gastronomy with the techniques of the past and thus raise the quality of the research at the first place.
We have most of the typical products of the region Umbria, but by the time we looked for some particular products from other regions..
Some years ago I was in Piedmont, where I was visiting a street market with characteristic products. I was invited to taste a Toma Piemontese, but as I am not a cheese lover I didn't accepted first. 
To the second kind insintence I accepted though. This taste was beyond words, the scents and flavours, which began to burst out on to my palate let me discover never known sensations, so that I asked to taste also other cheeses. Mamma Mia! What a taste-experience I enjoyed that day!

Every taste gave me different sensations, which changed from cheese to cheese, depending on the milk, the pasture land, the kind of manufacture and of maturation, all things I heard from the manufacturer with a joy and satisfaction, that let his eyes shine.

What had I eaten till then? Dull cheeses without a soul, cheeses of the large-scale retail trade, which my mother used to buy at the supermarket near home.
Since then something went off in myself and I started to look for handicraft products, at first for passion, then I opened a firm of my own, a young and dynamic firm, born with a well-defined mission: to offer everybody guaranteed and high quality gastronomic products, which preserve the flavour of erstwhile food, in regard to the farmers' traditional knowledge, which is handed down from generation to generation.
Luca Castraberte